About Us

QLC Real Estate is the brainchild of QLZH group Founder & CEO, Steve Mercieca and Michael Paris, a leading commercial specialist, heading the Commercial team of the QLZH group

Formed in 2019, the founders saw the need for specialized services for the ever-growing Commercial Real Estate market on the Maltese Island. In order to provide for the needs of the demand from clients and property owners alike, we at QLC have come up with the first property system dedicated to commercial real estate. That, coupled with intensive ongoing training for our staff, aimed at satisfying the needs of our clientele, set us apart from our competitors

Changing the Commercial Landscape of the Maltese Islands

QLC is the newest member of the QLZH Group, which saw its beginning in December 2013, when the first of thousands of QuickLets listings went live.  In April 2015, it became apparent that the dynamic success achieved by QuickLets in the letting industry needed to be transposed to the selling of properties and Zanzi Homes came to life. 

From the very start, the Group was founded on three main pillars.  The first was to disrupt the market with the use of new and advanced technologies.  After extensive research in off-the-shelf products, we identified the need for designing our own backend system that would make the life of our property specialists and their clients easier and more efficient.  Today, we have one of the most future-focused real estate system created by property specialists for property specialists.  QuickLets was also the mastermind behind the Virtual Agent concept that gives the opportunity to the general public to submit referrals and benefit from a commission structure for successful deals. 

The second pillar to our success is the reinvention of the profile of property specialists.  Following decades of a very formal approach to the industry, the QLZH Group redefined the status by introducing a fresh, comfortable and casual style to doing business when renting and selling properties.  Retaining a high level of professionalism, we managed to attract the energy and drive of millennials as well as more experienced individuals that shared our vision.

Thirdly and most importantly, we always believed that the advancements of construction and real estate in Malta must be balanced with sustainability.  The QLZH Group is rooted in the ethos of giving back to the community.  The Environment, Personal Growth, Schooling, Sustainability and Adequate Housing are the causes supported by the Group.  Following a number of initiatives that include Ocean Bed Clean Ups, drives to reduce single-use plastic, visits to the elderly and hospitalised children and planting of hundreds of trees, the Group founded the QLZH Foundation.  The Honorary Patron of the QLZH Foundation is Her Excellency, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of the Republic of Malta. 
We believe in a greener, cleaner and healthier planet. The causes we have at heart are the environment and education. Our work stretches from Malta to Africa. Although formally launched in 2018, the QLZH Group has been involved in sustainable projects since its inception in 2013

Today, the QLZH Group is made up of more than 450 members operating from 32 offices around Malta and Gozo.