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Is A Career In Commercial Real Estate The Right Choice For You?

14.12.21 | Michael Paris

Is A Career In Commercial Real Estate The Right Choice For You?
A new year is around the corner, signalling the time for change. Does the prospect of negotiating deals with the likes of Costa Coffee or Zara entice you? Or do you get exciting dealing contracts worth hundreds of thousands? Are you the three-month Bali vacation type of person? If so, this article is for you/can change your life.

Commercial Real Estate in Malta is a very exciting market to get into. The market is constantly growing as the Island becomes a hub for all different types of businesses. From offices, to restaurants, to retail outlets, to warehouses and beyond, the Commercial Real estate market in Malta has endless amount of opportunites.  Have you ever condiered that a career in the Commercial Real Estate Market in Malta might be right for you? Here is a quick overview of what to expect.
  • What to expect from the job
  • Why QLC?
  • Requirments

What to expect from the job

Commercial Real Estate Specialists in Malta are self employed. This means that you will have the freedom to operate as your own boss by making the most of your flexible hours and freedom to work whenever and whereever you like. This type of perk comes with the increased responsibility which will need you to be self-disciplined and self-motivated. No one is going to do your job for you besides yourself.

You will be abcked by what is said to be the largest database of commercial properties on the Island with access to almost 10,000 properties and hundreds of property owners, giving you a huge inventory to help find the perfect home for your clients' business. This means you should have a very good understanding of the different commercial real esatte markets and what is available or coming available in order to service your clients in the best way possible and generated the most income for yourself.

That being said, the job is commission based. Although this may seem daunting to many, the commssion structure is very generous. Most of the Commercial agents I know, myself included will not go back to working for just a base salary as the opportunity to make higher income depends solely on their own work ethic.

You will get the opportunity to meet industry leaders, both local and international and help them to find a new premises for their company. You will be building strong relationships with your clients in order to insure we meet their every need. Attending networking events is a standard practive for Commercial Real Estate Agents.

Another great thing about working in Commercial Real Estate in Malta is that no two days are the same. The different clients that are after different properties in different locations offer endless oportunities for what your day might entail.


Why QLC?

So why choose QLC for your career in Commercial Real Estate in Malta? At QLC we strive to change the Commercial Landscape of the Maltese Islands. We exist to innovate the property industry, create a diverse cukture, and inspire purpose.

QLC is the third and newest brand of the QLZH Group. That also includes QuickLets & Zanzi Homes. QLC was formed on the premise that no Real Esate companies in Malta work specifically for the needs of business owners here in Malta. So, we've developed a state of the art backend system specifically tailored for commercial properties thats has almost 10,000 unique commercial properties in all locations on our Islands, which can be found here.

We have developed a training program for Commercial Letting that has proven to be very successful. This coupled with the ongoing assitance and training of some of the best Commercial Specialists in the game, will give you every opportunity to reach the apex in this very rewarding career. In 2022, we will also be expanding our focus to Commercial Sales in order to also tap into that market.

QLC has over 25 separate locations that you can choose to work from, all with their own unique benefits. That being said, we give you the flexibility to work from wherever you'd like once we are sure that you have the tools to go out and work solo. 

A young, vibrant team of go-getters, with the mantra "Dream, Believe, Acheive" meet relatively often at our company events or meet ups organised by colleagues and friends. These are great opportunites to get to know your colleagues better and create long-last friendships. 

As a company, we also like to get involved in Charity and Humanitarian work. We have beach and oceanbed clean ups, campaigns for mental health, campaigns in support of women all on a yearly basis, the group also has the goal to plant 1 Million Trees on our Islands which is currently underway.



So what do you need to kick off your career in Commercial Real Estate in Malta? To start off with, you will need to have a go-getters' attidute and be hungry for success. You will need to have  your own laptop and preferably a car. That being said, some of our branches offer company cars that can be shared with the agents of the branch. As of 2022, all real estate agents in Malta need to be licensed to operate which you can find more details on the brief course offered here. However please feel free to contact us so that we can guide you better.

So, do you think you have what it takes for an exciting career in Commercial real estate? Get in touch with Michael at [email protected] and take the leap for this great opportunity.