SANTA VENERA - Street level commercial property.

The property consists of a street level commercial property, having a gross floor area of c. 75 sqm with access to a backyard of c. 50sqm, which is at a lower level and provides ventilation to the underlying basement level (same ownership).
The property has an internal height of 12 courses and is in a good state of repair.

Basement garage :

The property consists of a five/six car garage, accessed via a ramp (gradient of 1:5) through the front garden, having a gross floor area of c. 170 sqm (excluding ramp area) with ventilation from the backyard of c. 50sqm.

The garage, with an internal height of c. 10 courses, is underlying a commercial property (third party property), a garage and the access to the overlying residential development (same ownership).

The landlord is open to get any commercial permit required by the tenant ( retail, office, cafeteria, gym) at his expenses. Some convertion needed


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