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BIRGU | Poised strategically in the heart of Birgu (also known as Vittoriosa), an exceptional investment opportunity to perceptive investors and hotel proprietors. Introducing a captivating six-bedroom boutique hotel with a panoramic roof terrace, this prospect seamlessly merges potential with promise, unveiling a meticulously curated canvas primed for profitability.

Nestled in the heart of Birgu, an exquisite gem among Malta's cities, this property offers more than just a location. Embracing the historical allure of Valletta with convenient access through a 10-minute passenger ferry ride, and positioned just 1.5 km from Rinella Bay Beach, its appeal transcends its surroundings. Discover the essence of both Birgu and the marina from the private balconies of select accommodations, providing a panoramic tapestry of views that resonate with timeless charm.

Inside, each room is a sanctuary of conditioned comfort, meticulously tailored to meet the desires of both discerning business travelers and leisure enthusiasts. Outfitted with essential amenities such as a work desk, kettle, refrigerator, minibar, safety deposit box, and a state-of-the-art flat-screen TV, this property consistently surpasses guest expectations. The allure extends to the private bathrooms, each exquisitely adorned with bespoke marble finishes and invigorating showers. Top-tier bed linen and towels ensure a seamless blend of luxury and comfort.

With a rich history spanning six years, this establishment embodies a visionary design punctuated by a captivating glass central spiral staircase—an architectural testament to its distinctive character. The layout ensures every floor offers distinct accommodations, customising the experience for every guest. External balconies invite refreshing breezes and captivating views, with select front-facing rooms offering glimpses of the sea.

Versatile layouts accommodate a range of preferences: three spacious rooms grace the tranquil back side, each exuding expansiveness, while two ample rooms adorn the front side. The pinnacle of the experience is embodied within a penthouse, inclusive of a terrace—an offering that captures marina views and features a luxurious Jacuzzi, inviting guests into a realm of opulence.

Embodying enduring value as a freehold property, this opportunity is accompanied by operational excellence. A welcoming reception area sets the tone for memorable guest experiences, while a dedicated kitchen refines the art of breakfast and room service. Front-facing rooms extend their allure with side marina vistas from private balconies, while an intimate internal balcony graces the rear accommodations.

This distinctive boutique hotel concept is poised to cater to the discerning traveler, epitomising more than a hospitality endeavor—it's an investment in a legacy of luxury and lucrative returns. If you're an investor seeking a rewarding addition to your portfolio or a seasoned hotelier aiming to elevate your enterprise, this unparalleled opportunity invites you to shape the future of Vittoriosa's hospitality landscape.


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