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GOZO Victoria Class 4 Shop Layout:

Exterior: The shop's exterior presents a small and unassuming entrance, giving little indication of what lies beyond. However, as you enter, you are greeted by the surprise of a beautiful and unexpectedly spacious interior.

Main Rooms (2):

Main Offer Rooms (2): These rooms are designed to showcase the shop's primary offerings. They are open and well-lit, with versatile layouts to display products or services effectively. Large windows allow natural light to fill the space, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Kitchen and Storage: The kitchen area is equipped for any food preparation or catering needs, while the adjoining storage area keeps supplies organized and easily accessible. This ensures the smooth operation of the shop's culinary activities.

Reception Area: At the heart of the shop is a comfortable and inviting reception area. It serves as a central hub for customers to inquire about products or services and provides a pleasant waiting area.

Bathroom and Shower: The shop features a modern bathroom equipped with essential fixtures, including a toilet, sink, and mirror. In addition to the bathroom, there is a separate shower room with all necessary amenities, ensuring that customers and staff can freshen up as needed.

Outdoor Space (Backyard): The shop offers a private outdoor space in the form of a backyard. This area is ideal for a variety of purposes, such as outdoor seating, events, or even creating a tranquil garden oasis. It's a versatile space that enhances the overall appeal of the shop.

In summary, this Class 4 shop is designed to surprise and delight visitors with its spacious interior, offering two main rooms for showcasing products or services, a functional kitchen and storage area, a welcoming reception area, modern bathroom and shower facilities, and a private backyard for outdoor enjoyment and activities.


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