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Critical Benefits Of Working With A Commercial Real Estate Specialist

08.01.21 | Michael Paris

Critical Benefits Of Working With A Commercial Real Estate Specialist

Perhaps you find yourself needing a larger space for your growing business. Maybe you want to take advantage of the great rates on the Commercial market this year. Whatever you need, whether you’re a small business owner or an industry leader, your goal is the same: secure the best value available and negotiate the optimum terms to lease. You want to minimize risks and expenses and maximize your return. Deciding to rent out a new property to become the new hub of your business is a big step for your company’s future.

Given today’s challenging economy and constantly changing real estate landscape, the sobering reality is; that hiring a Commercial Real Estate Specialist is your best bet against losing money that you’d likely spend by making potentially costly mistakes or missing out on solid investment opportunities. Ultimately, the Commercial Real Estate Specialists’ goal is to help you mitigate numerous problems, challenges and stress that could prevent you from realizing the outcomes you seek. But just in case you still need more convincing, here are 5 are of the most critical reasons you should partner with a professional commercial real estate agent:

1-Time And Dedication

As a business owner, you have limited time to spend on matters outside of business operations. Having to spend your free time sifting through listings is probably not the best use of your limited time. Instead, a commercial real estate agent can provide this service for you and show you the very best options for the needs of your company. This will save you time by leaving the stressful part of the matter to someone who specializes in finding exactly what you need on a daily basis until the need is met. By approaching a commercial real estate agent to handle the rental of your listings, the property owner is freeing himself of the time it takes to create and update listings on the various commercial real estate listing services, field phone calls and emails from prospective tenants or their agents, show the property, handle any negotiations and facilitate the closing of the deed.

2- Industry Knowledge & Access to Listings

A well-trained Commercial Real Estate Specialist would know the industry inside and out. Meaning, they’ll know the area where you’ll be looking, the prices of the properties renting in that area or comparable building prices, and what is available on the market. Real estate agents also know many industry-specific resources to check when looking for property for a client. Experienced agents will have the timely market knowledge to be able to give you a straightforward competitive analysis of different commercial properties that fit your purpose and budget. Savvy specialists also have their fingers on the pulse of current demographics and market indicators from other industries that impact commercial real estate. Ultimately this information helps them anticipate opportunities, gain a competitive advantage, and implement the best approach on your behalf.

3- Negotiation Expertise

A competent Commercial Specialist will know the hidden clauses and can sift through the entire document, which can be several stacks of paper tall. Agents can also fight for your case in negotiations, pointing out problems that need to be addressed or that aren’t in your favor. Successful negotiation of a commercial real estate transaction can be very stressful and often time-consuming. A commercial real estate agent will act as your advocate in rental negotiations, utilizing their experience to relieve you of that stress by acting as a buffer and freeing up your time to focus on your daily business.

4- Marketing & Contacts

One of the most important parts of a Commercial Specialist’s business is marketing. Because of this, agents typically have a comprehensive range of tools at their disposal to reach qualified landlords and tenants. Marketing on your own can be an expensive proposition, but most agents can leverage the resources available from their companies to provide economical, efficient marketing solutions. In addition, well-established specialists and firms have spent years cultivating a proprietary list of contacts, from investors to landlords and tenants. Knowing who is in the market to purchase, sell or lease and having the inside track to reach them is invaluable and can ensure you satisfy your commercial real estate needs in a timely manner to take advantage of the best financial conditions. These connections close deals every day in commercial real estate; they are an incredible marketing tool that every good agent utilizes to their fullest.

5- Integrated Services

An experienced Commercial Specialist will be able to provide a client with integrated services relative to their real estate requirement. Securing qualified service providers such as legal and accounting services, for example, can be a time-consuming and costly process adding to the stress of the real estate transaction. Professional commercial real estate brokers give you access to the best commercial real estate information available, providing you with the latest sales price data, vacancy and absorption rates, and comparative tax and labor costs to help you make the most informed decisions. Experienced commercial brokers also have established systems to facilitate complex processes and eliminate unnecessary costs. These systems, combined with years of accumulated data, are available to you via the commercial broker to assist you in the transaction process. The result is an efficient, cost-effective method of securing your real estate requirement on the most beneficial terms to you. 

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